Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Karela or Bitter gourd masala curry

This is a yummy karela or pavakka masala curry made by my wife. She marinated karela in red chili powder, salt and corn flour for 1 day. It is fried in oil. Onion and tomato are sauteed in oil. Garnished with coriander leaves. Very good for chapati or rice.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Shallots or Chuvanna Ulli in Ollur Thrissur

Shallots are a good veggie which is having lot of medicinal powers as well. It is easy to grow Chuvanna Ulli. Just plant the Bulbs in a grow bag with the roots touching the soil. It will automatically grow and steep some soil to cover the bulbs later. The leaves are used in soups and the bulbs for curry and soup as well. Shallot juice are very good for cough and cold. Also seen are African Malli and Kanthari Mulagu(Birds Eye Chilli)

Strawberry in Thrissur Kerala

Strawberries are cold loving fruits. But these plants on my terrace survived many years battling the summer heat, the pouring monsoon rain and the mildly cold winter climate in Dec-Jan of Kerala. Seen here are Strawberries in the Monsoon of August 2017. The poor plant thought it is winter already when it was cold for some days in last August when it rained for some days together. It flowered and gave me some bright red fruits. Love you Strawberry.

Koorkka or Chinese Potato in Ollur Thrissur

Koorkka is a favourite of Malayalees. Koorkka with Beef or Pork is a weakness of Christians all over Kerala. It is Koorkka season already and I have some to harvest. Kappa is next in line. 

Broccoli in Kerala

Broccoli although a Winter veggie, is thriving for a third year in my terrace garden in Ollur, Thrissur. I cut the leaves and tender stem to make a soup. I get some little broccoli flowers as well occasionally.  

Monday, October 2, 2017

Bhutanese Soup Kokpu Chamin Kokpu Onion

Here is a Bhutanese Onion broth Kokpu Chamin Kokpu Onion made by my cousin's Bhutanese friend Dechen . They came for a visit to my home and I gave her some Shallot Shoots, Broccoli leaves, Bird's Eye Chilli etc. from my Organic garden. They made this yummy looking soup out of it adding some cheese, milk, butter and salt. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thinai or Millet Dosa in Kerala

This Dosa is made of Thinai or Kuthiravali/Horse tail Millet. I bought this Millet from Pollachi during my recent trip to Kodaikanal. It was made into a coarse powder in the home grinder. Then it was mixed with Uzhunnu mavu as usual in Dosa batter 3: 1 ratio. Millets are highly nutritious and a real boost for energy. The Coconut chutney and red chili chutney made of Kashmiri Chilli, Olive oil, Apple cider vinegar is also healthy. Go for it. Do not use oil, butter or ghee on the dosa to make it healthy.