Thursday, December 1, 2016

Drumstick or Moringa leaves Beef Soup

Drumstick or Muringa as known in Kerala is a wonderful vegetable. The leaves are also highly nutritional and is good to control Blood Pressure and is good for eye sight as well. The humble muringa is exported to western countries in powder form in the name of Moringa extract. The foreigners found out the unbelievable medicinal powers of this super food and is taking as food supplement. Poor Malayalees discard the powers of Muringakka and its leaves. They use it occasionally in Sambhar and make leaves thoran. Muringa seeds are well known for its aphrodisiac qualities also and will boost sexual powers.
Here I made a simple soup of Muringa leaves for dinner. I have 3 Muringa plants at home. They are 3-4 years old but never bore drumsticks. I use the leaves though. 10 pcs of beef plain cooked is minced in a grinder. Take half a steel tumbler water. Add the minced beef, muringa leaves, half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, sliced churakka or bottle gourd and salt to taste. Add pepper powder to the hot soup bowl.
You get the magical medicinal powers of Muringa, turmeric, bottle gourd and ofcourse beef gives you instant energy and make the soup more tasty. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Israel Lemon in Ollur Thrissur Kerala

My Blog although has the name Blogsownkitchen has photos of many plants. It looks awkward for the visitor but the fact is to run a kitchen, one needs vegetables and fruits apart from other food items. My aim is to grow organic vegetables, fruits, fish, cereals like corn etc. and use it in my kitchen experiments. I love Western food, Mediterranean, Middle East, Asian and Fusion food. I mix and match the recipes of various cultures. I chop some fresh veggies from my backyard, add a dash of chilli, Olive oil and Turmeric powder and little salt to make some salad or soup. There is no fixed quantity, measurement or routine chef job. I post it on the web so that people get inspired by my simple recipes and organic farming methods. Please call George 9895039531 for any assistance.
Seen here is Israel Lemon which produced one Lemon which was originally on the plant when I bought it. It never flowered after that for the last 2-3 years. I am pruning it and giving enough organic manure. I bought it for Rs. 350. I have other Fruit trees like Pommegranate, Grape, African Cola Nut and Rambutan as well which had some flowers and produced zero or some poor quality fruits and less yield. The people selling these plants in Kerala are either greedy and selling sub standard plants with a huge price tag. I have seen fruit plants with price of Rs. 3500 per plant which they say is imported from Thailand and Australia etc. Who knows. I feel it is logical to grow local fruits. 

Kili Njaval for the Birds and for Jamun Lovers

Kili Njaval is a miniature from of Njaval Pazham or Jamun. It also resembles Grumichama of the South American continent. It looks and tastes exactly like Njaval. But the flesh is very little. It is recommended for diabetics to control the sugar level. As the name suggests, a lot of birds flock on the tree once the fruit ripens. This is my share of food to the birds and giving back to nature.

Organic Ginger farming in Ollur Kerala

Ginger one of the most essential spice in Kerala cuisine is grown in my backyard completely organic. I water it with the nitrogen rich water from the fish pond. Cow dug of grass fed cows. Ginger borders my pathway and also is handy when I make Beef Kaya or Beef Kolli.

Organic farming of Tapioca in Kerala

Tapioca or Kappa in Kerala has achieved a star status now. The staple of poor man and the working class which was available for Rs. 8.00 a Kg 5 years back shot up to Rs. 40 per Kg. now. The Chips and Wafer manufacturers in Kerala started large scale operations and the junk food generation started munching packets of Kappa fry in various forms when they cannot get their hands on Lays etc. Star Hotels and Thattukadas in Kerala started to experiment with Kappa in various names and forms. Even foreign tourists were offered the unique Kappa Kanthari mulagu chammanthy. Farmers in Kerala started to cultivate Tapioca in large swathes of land to meet the demand. Some how Cassava as it is known in the west got an untouchable status in Kerala. The lavish weddings had special stalls offering authentic Kappa meen curry, Kappa mulagu, Kappa Beef dishes to boost the value of the once humble Tapioca.
Seen here is "Payasa Kolli" as known in Thrissur with its unique rose and pink skin. It is a very good combo with beef. 

MANGOSTEN in Ollur Thrissur

Mysore Puvan Vazha in Ollur Kerala

I had Robusta Banana in my backyard for the past 6 years. Then I thought of having more varieties of plantain in my collection. So I planted this Mysore Puvan, 2-3 Tissue culture Nethra Vazha, one Chengalikkoden Nethran and one Palayankoden.