Monday, March 28, 2016

Grape leaves Chutney home made at Ollur Thrissur Kerala

Grapes are rare in Thrissur,  Kerala. I made this Grape Leaves Chutney inspired by the Mediterranean dish Dolma. Blanched grape leaves are made into a puree along with garlic and red chilli (the skin only...or else it will be fire inside your belly) Add some E. V. Olive Oil and 1 tea spoon of Lemon juice and salt to taste.

Broccoli growing in 40 degrees in Ollur Thrissur Kerala

Amazing that this winter vegetable is growing at 40 degrees heat in Ollur, Kerala, S. India. Although the flowers bolted and is dry now, I use the leaves and stem for soups. A very nutritious plant and Broccoli costs Rs. 300 per Kg. here.

Cardamom Plant growing at Ollur Thrissur Kerala

Although the most valuable crop of the high ranges of Kerala, Cardamom is generally found growing in cool places and hill slopes. But it was happy to flourish in Ollur, Thrissur, Kerala with an average temperature of 38-40 degrees right now in March. Excellent Spice with various applications in curries, sweets and desserts.

Passion Fruit grown as a Canopy

Passion Fruit is a very good fruit for making Juices in the hot summer months. Very refreshing and healthy. Scoop the pulp and add some sugar for sweetness. Ice cubes and some mint leaves. Will leave you refreshed instantly.

Basil Celery and Parsely at Ollur Thrissur Kerala

Home grown Basil, Celery and Parsley which are excellent herbs for Salads. Chop it and add to green salads. Have a dash of E. V. Olive Oil and Lemon juice.

Chaya Mansa or Mexican Spinach at Ollur Thrissur Kerala

Chaya Mansa or Mexican Spinach is a rare medicinal vegetable like Cheera or Spinach. This comes from the Mayan Civilization period of Mexico and was used by them to boost their physical fitness. They used it as a herbal tea. Contains 450 times Calcium and is good source of Vitamin D. So it is good for bones and generally helps to clear the blood circulation. Slightly toxic with traces of Cyanide and is hence required to boil for 20 minutes and then can be consumed as 'Thoran' or other curry formats.

Growing Mint in Fish Pond Technique called Aquaponics

Mint grown in Fish pond or Paduthakulam at Ollur, Thrissur. The Technique is called Aquaponics or growing plants in ponds without soil.