Wednesday, May 23, 2018

This is the Cattle farm for cows from where I get cow dung for my organic farm.

Next batch of Nutter or Red belly fish released to the pond last week.

Frog legs fried. I had some 100 Red belly fish in the pond which died due to some unknown reason and two frogs is what was left after i cleaned the pond.

100% organic home grown Mysore Poovan weighed almost 35kgs

Thinai Dosa. Very healthy made of Fox tail millet, it tastes very much to the traditional Dosa. Millets are emerging as the new super food.

Chakka pappadam from Sree Products store in Choondal. It tastes like a pappad with a sweet note of Jack fruit and tastes like pavakka kondattam. Excellent for Kanji etc.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Broiler Duck BBQ for Easter

The broiler duck for Easter finally ended up on the BBQ grill. Just plain marination with chilli powder, little turmeric powder, Salt and pepper. Lemon juice also added. Came up good and along with Onion tomato salad accompanied by chilli sauce and 7 up was s fantastic dinner indeed.